Wednesday, 11 May 2011

How does the extract from Skins construct representations of age?

The representations of age are demonstrated in a very unussual manner. The ages which are shown in the TV drama Skins break the versimilitude of their actual behaviour in the real world.

The young girls shown in the series were illustrated as chavs due to their appearance, they wore fake hooped earings and had their hair tied back demonstrating a very trampish look. The foul language coming out of their mouths illustrated that they were acting older than they actually were, "I'd still give one to him". This phrase was said even though they may have not neccessarily understood the meaning of that which was suggesting that they were attempting to act older than they were.

The teenagers in the series are represented in a very positove manner as they were not misbehaving as much as we expected that they would. They are portrayed as being very sympathetic and understanding towards their friends, the long takes and over the shoulder shots suggest that they are very concerned about the well being of one another. The close up shot of the hands together suggest a very reassuring attitude towards the uneasy teenager.

The series creates  stereotype towards the gay teenagers. An establishing shot of the dancing awards and trophy's and the costume of the boy creates a typical represesntation of gay teens.

At the beginning of the series the location is a community church which suggests that the teenagers are very community based. The formal costumes suggests that the teenagers are very grown up and mature. A midshot of the teenage girl touching her mother on the arm suggests that she was more mature than her mother and she looked afte her mother, this shows a role swap.

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